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We must not forget to wash fruits, especially when it comes to products brought from countries where this infection is common. The same rules apply to tourists. In the presence of certain deterioration, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible, since the sooner treatment is started, the lower the likelihood of unpleasant complications. Histoplasmosis in animals and its features.


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Not only a person is susceptible to order imitrex online. Animals often suffer from such a disease, and this occurs both in the wild and among pets.

It should immediately be said that the transmission of the pathogen through direct contact with an animal is impossible, since fungi are released into the external environment along with feces. However, during the treatment of a pet, you must carefully observe the rules of sumatriptan pills (especially for children).

To consider the clinical picture, you can consider the course of the disease in representatives of the feline family. So what does histoplasmosis look like in cats? Its symptoms are not always recognizable from the first day. As a rule, fever appears first.

The pet becomes weak, often sleeps, moves little. As the disease progresses, a deterioration in appetite, vomiting, and fairly rapid weight loss can be observed. Anorexia often develops in animals, which further requires additional therapy.

There are some other symptoms as well. In particular, one can note the enlargement of imitrex pills, the pallor of the mucous membranes, breathing difficulties and the appearance of abnormal sounds from the lungs. Sometimes sick animals also suffer from dehydration.

On examination, the veterinarian may notice an enlarged liver. Nevertheless, the final diagnosis can only be made after tests, when this fungus is found in cultures during laboratory culture.

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Histoplasmosis in cats is treated with antifungal drugs. In particular, "Ketoconazole" and "Intraconazole" are considered quite effective. In some cases, additional restorative therapy will be required, especially if serious nutritional problems have developed against the background of the infection. The prognosis for most pets is favorable, especially if the animal was given help on time. But, unfortunately, at later stages, histoplasmosis is difficult to treat - relapses and the appearance of complications in the form of pathologies of imitrex tabs, heart, and brain are possible.
Animals can also develop a disseminated form, which, as a rule, is manifested by lesions of the skin, eyes, ulceration of the mucous membranes, and disruption of the internal organs.
Histoplasmosis is an ailment, the development of which occurs due to the penetration of a specific fungal infection into the human body. With this pathological process, the internal organs are affected. Pathology is dangerous, as it can develop in people from different age categories. Also in the medical literature you can find such names of the disease - Ohio Valley disease, Darling's disease, reticuloendotheliosis. It should be noted that the mortality rate as a result of the development of the disease is quite high. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor at the first symptoms and start treatment.
Causes and mechanism of development.
The main causative agent of histoplasmosis is the fungus Histoplasma Capsulatum. This pathological microorganism remains in the soil for a long time, but under the influence of various disinfectants it quickly dies. It is transmitted by airborne droplets, and not only people, but also animals can become infected with it. But it is worth noting the fact that in medicine there has not been a single case of infection of a person from a person, or a person from an animal.
Histoplasmosis is more common in Asian and African countries, since it is in these regions that the climate is humid (the fungus multiplies more actively in such an environment).